Friday, 5 August 2011

Cognitive Disconnect

I just had to post a link to Dominique's latest, rather genius post, 'A Play : Cognitive Disconnect'. It really shows what conversation is like for someone with ME ... very much what it's like for me almost every day right now!

I have the advantage that Anna is awesome at reading my mind / playing charades, and can usually guess what I'm trying to say almost straight away. I really feel for people who don't have someone to do that. It's especially helpful when she's trying to translate for someone else what I'm trying to say to them! I really needed this little bit of light relief today! Am so grateful I was able to read online for a few minutes this evening!

Of course it's a serious issue too, much as those of us who suffer from these kinds of cognitive issues make light of it. The ability to communicate is so vital for a human being - and when it's compromised, it makes life very difficult, very confusing, occasionally and potentially dangerous, and certainly very embarrassing at times!

A small snippet of Dominiques post follows ... you'll have to click through to her blog to read the rest! ;)

BOB:  “Are you ready?”
ME:  “Yes”
BOB:  “So where do you need to go?”
ME:  “You know.  That place with all the stores in one place?”
BOB:  “The Mall?”
ME:  “Yeah!  That’s it! I need to go to, um that store across from that burger place we like … next to um Marshalls?  I think?”
BOB:  “Are you talking about Ross’s?
ME:  “Yup” (sigh)
BOB:  “What do you need?”
ME:  “Sunglasses.”
BOB:  “Do you know what kind?”
ME:  “Yeah.  Progressive. No profective. Dang. Um … the ones that don’t let the light go through the lenses.  The light bounces off the lenses.  I can’t remember what their called.”
BOB:  “Uh, I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

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  1. Hi Susannah. I just read your story through Dominique's page and wanted to reach out and send a hug. My daughter is newly diagnosed with this 'thing' and I have been learning so much. My heart breaks for adults dealing with so much misinformation and lack of support. Your wonderful friend sounds a very special person indeed but in turn you must have been deserving of such support and would have done the same. Best of luck and, as a well parent of a sick child, rest assured I am doing my best, in my own small way, to raise the profile of this illness.