Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Best Birthday Present Ever!!

Just a realllllly short note today - my energy was all wiped away over awareness week. (Totally worth it, but completely exhausting!!)

It was my birthday yesterday, and in the noon post, I received a card from my brother and sister in law. Enclosed in the envelope was a complete surprise - a picture by my 1yr old nephew Jack, who recently discovered colouring pens! ;)

Best Birthday Present EVER!

(Ok, maybe not quite ever as I've received some very special ones from other loved ones over the years (Yep, I'm talking to you, Johanna & Sally!) but certainly one of the best! I can't imagine much that would have made me smile so much on a birthday where I felt so ill and couldn't even get out of bed.)

I don't get to see Jack very often at all, though he only lives across the city from me (and I'm talking a UK city, not a huge American one!), so this is just so special and wonderful to have. My mum happened to be going into work today, so I asked her to laminate it for me, and it's now sitting on a shelf by my bed along with birthday cards from family.

picture by my 1 yr old nephew Jack, sent to me for my birthday. :)

How completely adorable is that??!!?? I can only imagine how much he managed to colour himself while he was at it! ;)

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